The “View Setup Audit Trail” seems to be a little known feature of Salesforce.  Many times I’ve wanted the information stored there and just hadn’t searched thoroughly enough to find out what it was called or where the information was stored.  I knew it was possible to see the “Last Modified By” on the basic Setup items (fields, objects, triggers), but I never thought to find a place where a list of all Setup changes are stored…until last week.

I was searching to see who made a specific change to our org and landed on a gold mine – the Salesforce “View Setup Audit Trail.”  This could be renamed to “See any Setup changes made to your org in the past 6 months” but I’m glad Salesforce kept it short.

When you access the “Setup Audit Trail” (Setup > Security Controls > View Setup Audit Trail), it shows a list of the 20 most recent changes to your environment.


This is a great snapshot to see what your analysts, developers, or admins are doing in the org.  You can get a glimpse of what happened recently, but also download historical data for reporting and/or accountability.

Another great feature is the “Delegate User” column.  This lists any user that was using the “Log In As” or “Support” features of Salesforce.  So if I were logged in as Dale and changed a few Apex Triggers, the User column would list Dale, but Delegate User would be Ben.  Additionally, the Delegate User is listed whenever you grant access to a support team (such as an AppExchange support team).

Feel free to take a peek at this in your own org and get a glimpse into what’s being done!

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