It seems like anywhere you do business in Minnesota these days, someone is using Salesforce. From the startups at, to the Fortune 500 companies that call Minneapolis home, to the one-man shop down the block. Salesforce is becoming a ubiquitous term not only in Minnesota but around the globe. But how did the Twin Cities Salesforce scene boom?

With so many companies investing small mints in cloud computing, Salesforce is a clear leader, driving more employees to learn and master the tool. The platform allows companies to combine disparate parts of their business, save on licensing fees, and not worry about keeping their software up-to-date. For these reasons and more many folks are flocking to Salesforce to manage their businesses.

The result of such a large customer base is a great community of Salesforce users, analysts, and developers who regularly meet up and share insights and stories. This can happen at any number of the SFDC meetups in the Twin Cities, over a coffee, or even within an organization.

Another factor driving growth is the growing footprint of Salesforce consulting firms spreading the word about Salesforce around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Companies like Magnet 360, Sundog, Redpath, Modacto, Cirrius Solutions, and 1771 are all pushing the limits of Salesforce with their current customer base and always looking for new opportunities to do so with others.

Finally, I can’t remember all the times I’ve been asked for a recommendation of a good Salesforce Admin and everyone that pops into my head has been happily employed for 3+ years. This bodes well for the life of the Minneapolis Salesforce market. It means that many see the value in a career so closely linked to Salesforce – in a way predicting that it will stick around, at least for awhile.

So let’s keep SFDC growing here in Minneapolis! Learn more by attending the SFDC Twin Cities User Group, checking out some of the companies mentioned above, or shoot us an email or tweet to find out more about Salesforce and what it can do for you.

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