Salesforce Changesets are the prescribed way to deploy changes from one organization to another.  Although they work quite well in many ways, one of my main issues with them is the way Salesforce limits the amount of items you see when trying to add elements to a change set.  This is one of the main salesforce changeset limitations we hear about all the time.  Read on to see how we’ve overcome it.

Imagine you have 800 custom fields spread over all your objects – normally Salesforce would just show you a subset of those fields and then ask you to click “Show More” at the bottom of the page in order to reveal a bit larger subset of the overall number of elements.  When you’re managing huge organizations, this quickly becomes a pain.  Changesets could take hours to create with multiple clicks and loading times.  Luckily, there’s another (much easier) way to overcome this problem.

Below we’ve noted are a few ways (all free!) to eliminate the “Show More” issue.

1. If you’re using Google Chrome, there’s a slick component invented by a colleague of mine (@shadit) which tells Salesforce exactly how many component rows to show.  You can find it here: Change Set Helper.  It’s fairly quick to install and allows you to specify how many rows to show wherever the “Show More” normally appears within Salesforce.  2500 is a safe bet 🙂

2. If you don’t want to install an application (or don’t use Google Chrome) there is another more manual way to complete this task.  This trick involves updating the URL of the changeset.  Once you click “Show More,” you will notice that an additional text is appended to the URL, something like “&rowsperpage=150”.  In order to see everything, you can simply change that number to something around 2500 (&rowsperpage=2500) and refresh the page.  This is much more manual, but also saves the user a ton of time.

In conclusion, I’d recommend checking out the Change Set Helper extension from Shad, it’s a massive time saver and whenever I switch computers I miss it instantly.  But if you’re limited by browser, the second “hack” will benefit you just the same.

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