We’ve all done it before, you’re entering data into a field (potentially a lot of it), and you accidentally close the window, or click a related object. Poof. That data is gone.

This pop-up warning only appears when users have made changes to a page either via inline editing or by clicking into the “Edit” page. Users will be able to go about their normal day-to-day tasks without notification unless they try to click out of or close a page with unsaved edits.

This warning message can be very useful when entering a lot of text into a field, changing the owner of a record, or when accidentally clicking away from an edit page.

Receiving a warning before saving has been an often-requested feature from the Salesforce community and we’re glad to have solved this issue. Don’t worry about clicking away from unsaved text or edits, feel good knowing that our app will save time, frustration, and your data.

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