One of the top Salesforce IdeaExchange posts focuses on drag and drop uploads for Salesforce.  Drag and drop attachments for Salesforce are such a requested feature due to the current upload functionality.  Currently, it takes 6-7 clicks to upload one file to Salesforce.  And when uploading, you must go file by file, Salesforce doesn’t allow you to select multiple files at a time.  We too were frustrated with this process, so we created a solution that drastically reduces the time it takes to upload a file to Salesforce and allows users to upload multiple files at a time.  The solution is our application, Dragger.

Dragger is a low cost, easy to install AppExchange application that allows Drag and Drop Uploads for Salesforce.  It displays a drag and drop attachment area both near the Chatter feed on records and in the Notes & Attachments section.

chatter drag and drop uploads

We offer a 21 day free trial, so give it a try today!

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