Here’s an interesting issue I stumbled upon recently: I was trying to delete a record type, but Salesforce noted this was the Default Record Type for a number of profiles in my org.  One by one I clicked into the profiles and updated the Default Record Type.  When I got to the Chatter profile however, there was no area to define these defaults and I was unable to delete a default record type from a Chatter Profile.

I sat confused for a bit, wondering if this really was something Salesforce had completely missed.  After a web search, I stumbled upon my answer:

I had to hack the URL in order to access that specific page within Salesforce.  Not too bad, but also not the best user experience.  I’ve documented my steps below:

1. Head to any other profile where you can edit the default record type you’re trying to update and click “Edit” next to it.

2. This will bring up a screen that allows you to move Record Type values from the Available Record Types section to the Selected Record Types section in addition to setting the default Record Type.  Note the URL when you’re on this page.  It should look something like this:

Let’s break that URL down:

So the piece in orange is the ID of the Profile, while the piece in green is the Record Type you’d like to set and the blue is additional URL we don’t really need.

3. Knowing the above, we can simply delete the orange piece above and replace it with the Record Type of the Chatter profile, and delete the blue piece because it is unnecessary for our purposes.

3a. To find the Chatter profile id, navigate to the main page of the profile and look at the URL.  Ex:

The piece highlighted in red is the id you’ll want to replace with the orange id above.

And that’s it!  A bit of a process but at the moment it seems to be the only way to access this page on a these profiles and delete a default record type from a Chatter profile.

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